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LaFmap Wiki – the biggest guide on lost and found issues.

LaFmap Wiki is here to provide you with tips and advice on what to do and whom to contact if you have lost or found something. It was made as a complementary resource to - the single map where all lost and found property is shown.

This wiki has contact information for places where people often lose items, such as bus and train companies, or where they can seek help with lost and found issues, like municipal lost and found offices, police, local search services, metal detection service providers, pet shelters, etc. LaFmap Wiki also provides specific advice on what to do if you lose something particular, like a phone or a dog.

This wiki was recently started, so not every place in the world is covered, but we aim to gather lost and found advice for the entire world eventually. This wiki cannot be really completed without community, so we really encourage you to jump in and share what you know, update information, or add new tips. It’s all about helping each other out and creating a massive pool of knowledge on what to do if you lose or find something.

If you have a service that helps people find their property, like searching with metal-detectors, pets shelter or something else, do not hesitate to add information about your service on the page for your region. 

Make sure to post a listing on - the one global map where all lost and found property is shown.

Here are our country-specific wiki books, packed with everything you need to know about lost and found:

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